6 Ingredients Sweetener Healthier Than Sugar

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet is the word used to describe something that is beautiful and fun, as well as taste. Sweet foods taste good and many people are always preferred. But behind it was that reassure, is threatening the health hazards. Consume a lot of sweet foods get diabetes and obesity risk.

Sweet taste is caused by the sugar content in foods. Ranging from soda, baked goods, and even savory foods such as pasta sauces contain sugar. Apart from causing obesity and diabetes risk, the risk of causing dependence sweets.

It is impossible if the company suddenly makes people stop or reduce consumption of sugar. There are some good alternatives to satisfy sweet cravings without without having to fear the risks to health. Remember, consume in a reasonable level. Consume everything in excess is bad for health.

The following are the ingredients that are healthier sweeteners to replace sugar, among others:

Stevia leaf

Stevia is a plant species that were originally used as a sweetener by the Indians in Paraguay. This material is usually sold in powder or liquid and sweetness can be up to 300 times sweeter than sugar. Natural sweeteners such as stevia does not cause blood sugar spikes as high as the body into sugar cane.

Agave Plants

Agave is also a plant widely cultivated as a natural sweetener. Native to the mountains of Los Altos, Mexico is the manufacture of drinks Tequila and taste is sweeter than sugar. Just like Stevia, Agave is much sweeter than sugar.


Honey is a classic choice to replace white sugar. In addition to fewer calories than sugar, other advantages are more sweet taste. Honey also offers many health benefits such as antibacterial.

Red Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup made ​​with brown rice cook until it turns into syrup. In recent years, the use of brown rice syrup is increasingly popular, especially for making health foods and snacks.

Palm Sugar

Calories contained in a small palm sugar more than white sugar. Palm sugar has a glycemic index value that is lower by 35, while on the glycemic index of sugar by 58. Palm sugar making process generally makes a more natural so that certain substances contained therein are not damaged and remained intact.


For those who want to fully replace cane sugar, eat the ripe fruit or fruit products such as apple sauce. These fruits can be blended into fruit soup, salad or mixed with yoghurt.


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